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Love Light Portraits

School Picture Day

Love Light Portraits School Picture Day creates a positive experience for everyone — students, parents, school administrators, teachers, and yearbook coordinators.

Benefits For Your School

  • Free yearbook images for the school
  • Free headshots of the teachers
  • No school involvement in purchase, payment, or photo distribution
  • Schools earn a commission on all packages purchased
  • Parents are grateful to have fantastic photos to love for life.


Our Simple School Day Process


  1. Scheduling: Your school schedules one or more picture days.
  2. Picture Day: Each student brings a completed form and a picture day outfit. We conduct a mini photoshoot and capture each child’s best images. We give each student an album access code that gives parents a private view of their child’s photos.
  3. Order & Delivery: About a week later, parents can view their child’s proofs in a private online gallery. Parents purchase only the photos they love and we deliver them directly to their home.

Photo packages vary. Here are the typical options.

  • A choice of 3-5 proof images
  • Print packages start at $49
  • Digital images start at $47
  • No obligation to purchase if parents don’t love what they see

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What will the backdrop look like?
A – We offer backdrop choices to the school when scheduling picture day. All of the backdrops you see in our photo galleries are available, and we add more each year.

Q – Can you change the backdrop after the photos are taken?
A – We can change your backdrop after the photoshoot only if your school selects a “green screen” option. In that case, parents may choose one of our digital backgrounds.

Q – How far in advance should we schedule our School Picture Day?
A – We recommend scheduling by July for fall portraits and by January for spring portraits. Otherwise, we fit your school into our schedule if we have openings.

Q – Do you offer group or composite images?
A – Yes, we discuss group photos when we schedule your school’s picture day. If we photograph all of your students, we recommend composite images instead of group images.

Q – Can you photograph siblings together?
A – Yes, we take sibling groups of up to 3 in a frame. Parents must purchase these images as packages, separate from the individual portraits.

Q –Can anyone else see my child’s photos?
A – Our photo viewing and ordering process is private and secure. Only you and Love Light Portraits have access to your child’s proofs and photos.

Q – Can any school schedule a School Photo Day?
A – Love Light Portraits is located in Madison CT in the Shoreline area. We do photoshoots throughout the area, including New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford, and Middlesex Counties, and we’re happy to travel to schools throughout Connecticut. We schedule photo days for public and private schools.

Q – Can we schedule private senior portrait sessions?
A – Yes, parents can learn more at LJR

Love Light Portraits works with schools all across Connecticut.

We are located on the Shoreline in Madison CT with easy access to schools in New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford, and Middlesex County.